Information on media usage/coverage for in-person attendees

For the distribits 2024 Meeting, at Haus der Universität Düsseldorf, Apr 4-6 2024, talks and on-stage discussions will be recorded and streamed (YouTube) in order to spread information beyond the group of people who have the chance to participate in-person.

These recordings depict the speaker and slides of a talk, and/or discussants on the stage.

During Q&A sessions audio is recorded and streamed from individual audience members who are asking questions.

If you (as an in-person audience member) have any concerns being recorded, please be mindful of the position of the cameras, and the audience microphones passed around during Q&A sessions.

The “Distribits space” on Matrix, provides a “Distribits meeting Q&A” room, where questions can be submitted to be asked by a moderator on behalf of a submitter.

If you have questions, please contact any organizer (any person with an “organizer” tag on their name badge), or email

If you are posting pictures taken at the event, be mindful of any privacy concerns of depicted individuals, and their “right to one’s own image” (Recht am eigenen Bild).